The Advantages of Partnering with an Acquirer
Who Has Gone Through One or More Cycles of Private Equity

This week Paul welcomes back Larry Benz, CEO of Confluent Health, to discuss what the strategic advantage might be of partnering with a company
who has already gone through several private equity cycles.


Crucial Conversations with the Industry's Thought Leaders

Brent Mack

CEO of Golden Bear PT

Talks about his company’s desire to become a national platform and what they intend to do next.

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Larry Benz

CEO of Confluent Health

Shares his insight into why the bigger deals in this industry are different on both sides.

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Darin Tucker

CEO of Peak Physical Therapy

Talks about the different and unique needs that larger, "Marquee" companies require.

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Rick Katz

VP of Biz Dev
Spine and Sport Physical Therapy

Discusses his company's recent culture redevelopment.

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Guy Sansone

CEO of H2 Health

Talks about his company's growth model and the role that financial compensation plays.

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John Galluci

CEO of JAG One Physical Therapy

Explains why his company prefers to partner with companies who have strong ties to the community.

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Kelly Mcfarland

CEO, Premier Physical Therapy

Talks about her decision to grow using the resources of her acquirer, Empower Physical Therapy

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Andrew Lotsis

CEO, Active Pro Rehab Partners

Discuss his strategy for growth and path to success for the companies they acquire.

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Steve Chenoweth

CEO, Therapy Partner Solutions

Explains how his experience selling his own company now informs his acquisiton process.

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John Dean

CEO, Mid-Michigan Physical Therapy

Reveals the personal choice that he and his wife made that led them to seek a partnership.

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Joe Sullivan

CEO, Peak Performance PT

Explains his thought process around partnering with Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy.

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Erich Herkloz

CEO, Strive Physical Therapy

Details his experience partnering with Confluent Health and the opportunities it offered.

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Steve DiPaola

CEO, Empower Physical Therapy

Discusses Empower's culture and preference for partnering as opposed to simply acquiring.

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Steve Windwer

CEO, Bay State Physical Therapy

Talks about Bay State's passion for freeing up partners to focus on clinical excellence.

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Aaron Kraai

CEO, Doctors of Physical Therapy

Explains the company's strategy for working with smaller private practices on a personal level.

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Chris Reading

CEO, US Physical Therapy

Discusses the association of industry executives dedicated to representing our industry in Washington.

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Nick Rowland

Principal, Sheridan Capital Partners

 Shares insights into Sheridan's thinking about our industry's potential today and into the future.

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Brian Barth

CDO, Cora Physical Therapy

Talks about how their recapitalization with H.I.G. Capital could affect the market. 

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David Van Name

Founder, Upstream PT 

Discusses recent acquisition of Physiotherapy and their strategy for the future.

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Ray Wahl

COO, ATI Physical Therapy

Talks about ATI recently going public and it how affects their strategy in this market.

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Tommy Kleinhans

Bowman & Company

Explains the impact that the proposed Capitol Gains Tax could have on your M&A deal.

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Josh Meyers

Owner, OSTI PT

Shares the experience of going through the M&A process with 4 other owners.

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Michael Rucker

CEO, Ivy Rehab PT

Discusses his unique perspective as a business manager who developed his skills in other healthcare verticals.

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Kelly McFarland Lawrence

CEO, Premier Rehab PT and Aquatics

Talks about how a breakthrough in managing the company catapulted its market value 350%.

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Steve DiPaola

CEO, Empower Physical Therapy

Talks about Empower's strategy and what acquirers are looking for in this market.

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Tom Carden

Senior Managing Director, MHA

Discusses ATI's announcement and what the impact will be on the industry.

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Larry Benz & Erich Herkloz

CEO, Confluent Health

Discusses ATI's announcement and what the impact will be on the industry.

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Paul Welk

Attorney, Tucker Arensberg

Talks about how you can prepare now to avoid the most common deal killers before you even start your deal.

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