The Right Partnership Model
Can Fuel Your Growth Engine

Partnership Agreements with your best staff can dramatically increase your ability to grow... if they're done right. Join Paul for this Crucial Conversation with Alan Balavender, owner of 29-clinic  PTSMC in Connecticut and get a Master Class on doing partnerships right.


“Will you… or your competitors… capture the best opportunities for growth in the near future?”

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The Most Capital-Efficient Way to Grow Rapidly

Rapid growth costs money - chunks of money. What can you do if you want to grow quickly but you're low on capital? Join Paul for this Crucial Conversation with Steve Schwegel, CEO of 6-clinic Alton Physical Therapy in Illinois and find out how Steve doubled the size of his company without the capital normally required by such growth. A hint? He is superb at acquiring and developing hospital contracts. Watch and learn from the master.

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