The Keys To Consistently Delivering Dynamic Skilled Care

Drew Lotsis is a tireless advocate for structure and training. Why? Because it’s the only way he can ensure that his therapists will consistently deliver the highest level of Dynamic Skilled Care across all of his 37 clinics. Join Paul for this, the third and final Crucial Conversation with Drew in which he defines Dynamic Skilled Care and explains how his people deliver it, time after time after time.


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How Providing Optimal Patient Experience
Can Generate Optimum Profitability

Sometimes these two goals seem to be permanently in conflict, impossible to achieve under one roof. Join Paul for this Crucial Conversation with Drew Lotsis, CEO of 37-clinic ActivePro Rehab Partners in New Jersey and learn how, with dedicated use of "Progressive Scheduling" you can accelerate your progress toward achieving both of these essential goals.

Lessons Learned On The Road To 22 Clinics

Do you plan to grow your practice? Then join Paul for this Crucial Conversation with Dan Rootenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Spear Physical Therapy in New York City. In this fascinating interview Dan shares what he learned while developing the extraordinary managers and powerful operating systems he needed to grow successfully from 1 to 22 clinics.

What is the profile of a successful Clinical Director?

Join Paul as he gets the answer to that question by interviewing Theresa Wilk Feeley, the Director of the largest of Atlantic Physical Therapy’s 22 clinics. This interview offers a fascinating window on the thinking and personality of a top performer in that job. We think you’ll find her to be quite inspiring.


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