How 5 Partners Got Aligned When A Deal Had To Get Done

Selling a company can be complicated enough when there’s one owner. But 6-clinic OSTI in Rockford, Illinois had 5 partners with a wide range of needs and opinions and a very complicated ownership structure. Yet they came together and struck a great deal with CORA. Join Paul for this Crucial Conversation with Josh Meyers, one of those 5 owners and learn how they did it.


“What impact will COVID-19 have on your ability to sell your business?"

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Year's Biggest Deal Reveals Keys To M&A Success In A Pandemic

To the surprise of many people, M&A deals have been getting done right through this pandemic. In fact great deals are getting done. How is that possible? Great buyers and sellers are coming together to form great teams that are getting it done with the help of great tools and protocols. Join Paul as he interviews Larry Benz of Confluent Health and Erich Herkloz of Strive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, the inspired leaders of the largest deal done in 2020 and definitely one of the best partnerships created in the rehab industry.