A Recent Success Story


Many sellers have been told that EBITDA is the only driver of valuation in the M&A world, and that they can get a great valuation and great terms from any interested buyer - including the first one they talk to. That is a myth.

25 years in this business and countless transactions have taught us that EBITDA establishes a broad range of valuation but that two other factors determine the final number within that range. Those factors are:

   1. How many bona fide buyers are brought to the table.

   2. How hungry each buyer is for what the seller is offering - at the time of the offering.

Martin is the only M&A firm talking about these factors because we are the only firm constantly gathering the latest information about the activities and appetite of the 20+ active buyers across the country. 

We are the only firm dedicating all our time and resources exclusively to the outpatient physical therapy industry. Our dedication pays off for our clients.

Watch Erich Herkloz, CEO of Strive Physical Therapy explain above why he turned to Martin to help him build an industry-excellent company.

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