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"Our clients are some of the most successful PT owners in the country. From Day One they have attacked this crisis head-on, discovering creative ways to serve their patients in-clinic and with telehealth."


"Now we're helping them create bold new strategies, not to cope with 'The New Normal' but to create it. If you want to remain independent and lead the recovery in your market, we can help."


"If you're thinking of selling, don't hang back. We've done more deals than anyone in the country and have 8 transactions under Letter of Intent right now. The best acquirers and the best sellers are still doing deals out there. Let us help you join them."

...Paul J. Martin  MPT, CBI, M&AMI

CEO and President

Consulting Services

Our tested and proven strategies and newly developed COVID-19 strategies will help you to execute through the stages of this crisis and catapult you into the future.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Find the best match for you and your company with a team that has done more transactions in the rehabilitation market than any other firm. We know and have the trust of the buyers and sellers and will guide you through a new set of market considerations.

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