The Outside-In Assessment

Information Is Power and it can be a Competitive Advantage. Our Outside-In Assessment will provide you with the intel you need to create a strategy that puts you at the front of the pack, no matter what your destination. 

The market is evolving so rapidly that you can’t afford to use information that is dated or from outside the industry. Martin does more deals, so we know more about what’s happening out there – right now. 

In this 3-hour session, our top industry experts will:

  1. Help you establish your business and personal goals for the future.
  2. Give you a comprehensive valuation of your business in today’s market.
  3. Detail how you could increase that valuation dramatically, quickly.
  4. Using our Strategic Mapping Program, show you where major acquirers are positioned to take their share of your market.
  5. Offer you a Market Positioning Strategy for taking the market share you need to reach your goals.
  6. Provide our assessment of your best options for sustainable, profitable growth.

Move Forward with Confidence
in These Uncertain Times

"The Outside-In Assessment revealed that I would leave a lot on the table if I sold my company without adequate preparation. I never dreamed that in 18 months we would triple the value of my company. But we did!"

Kelly McFarland, Owner, Premier Rehab Physical Therapy, Dallas

Get the information you need to make the right decisions.

Our team can help you assess your best options for sustainable, profitable growth.

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