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The outpatient rehab M&A marketplace is unusual in that there are fewer than 30 active acquirers of consequence. We know these CEO’s better than anyone else because we’ve done more deals than anyone else.

Outsiders often fail to recognize that these acquirers adjust their short-term objectives and strategy after every deal. What they will “pay the most for” is a moving target. The timeliness and range of our market intel is unmatched, allowing our clients to engage with the best possible acquirers – for them - at the best possible time.

"Crucial Conversations"

Martin is the only advisory firm regularly interviewing top acquiring CEOs on camera. In these “Crucial Conversations” CEOs share what they are offering currently, what they are seeking and their perspective on where the market is headed. These interviews are offered exclusively to owners we know who have expressed interest in pursuing a transaction.

The video at the top of this page is a gallery of clips from these Crucial Conversations. Scroll down for brief excerpts from a recent interview.

Michael Rucker, CEO

Excerpts from Paul’s recent interview with the CEO of Ivy Rehab

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