Our Proprietary M&A System Is Powerful –
And Unique

Martin Healthcare Advisors has done more deals in the rehab industry than anyone. Here’s what we have learned and built into our proprietary M&A system.

The most reliable way to get the best possible valuation is to have more than one qualified acquirer competing for your company.

The most reliable way to get those acquirers to compete vigorously and offer you the best possible deal is to understand what each values most and to hand-pick those who have the most to gain from what you’re offering.

We hand-pick the acquirers who have good reason to offer you the best deal possible. The acquirers who will recognize that you’re a great fit with their strategy and culture and that together you can grow rapidly and profitably after the sale.

Then we “jump you to the head of the line” of interested sellers by showing those acquirers that you understand the hidden challenge they face. They need to get your deal done correctly, but as quickly as possible because the market clock is ticking down for them.

That’s why our deal system is laser-focused on our most important objectives:

  • Best Deal
  • Best Structure
  • Best Acquirer
  • Fewest Surprises
  • Fewest Delays

This market is changing, literally every month but the deals we are doing today and the relationships we’ve built over 25 years allow us to be:

  1. The best at understanding what the top acquirers value most today and
  2. The first to understand what they will value most tomorrow.

What could this mean for your deal?

Our experts will walk you through, step-by-step, how our Proprietary M&A System will increase your yield from your deal, compared to the conventional approach.

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